Pre-Pharmacy Program

Pre-Pharmacy Program Requirements

All applicants to the Pharm.D. program must complete approximately 60 credit hours of full-time college coursework prior to entry into the Pharm.D. program.   

  • High school students can apply for acceptance into the Pre-Pharmacy program or to the Pharmacy Assurance Program (PAP). 
  • All entering freshmen work with a School of Pharmacy academic advisor to ensure proper course placement based on their high school preparation and any Advanced Placement or dual credit courses completed while in high school. An individualized academic plan of study is created for each student along with instruction regarding steps for applying to the Pharm.D. program. 
  • Pre-Pharmacy courses (PDF) take a minimum of two years to complete, though the average UMKC applicant has usually attained three years of college coursework prior to entering pharmacy school.
  • Applicants do not need to earn a bachelor’s degree in order to apply to, or be accepted to, the Pharm.D. program.
  • Any student wishing to apply for freshman entry to complete the Pre-Pharmacy requirements for entry into the Pharm.D. program must meet the university's requirements for admission and submit either a UMKC online application or the Common Application.
  • High school students who meet the criteria for UMKC’s PAP are encouraged to submit either a UMKC online application or the Common Application. Students who mark PAP on their application will be prompted to submit additional items detailing their preparation and eligibility for the program.

Pharmacy Assurance Program (PAP) for High School Seniors

Students admitted to the PAP graduate high school knowing they are on track to earn their seat in the School of Pharmacy.

Students in the PAP spend their first two years on the UMKC Volker campus completing the Pre-Pharmacy requirements, which provide the academic preparation necessary for a competitive application to the Pharm.D. program. Discover what students had to say about PAP and explore career options available to pharmacy school graduates.

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Benefits of the PAP

  • Priority academic advising appointments
  • Special networking opportunities with School of Pharmacy faculty, students and alumni
  • Focused programming for an even greater understanding of pharmacy
  • A plan that fits your timeline for the Pharm.D. application
  • Preparation and skills-building workshops to help you succeed in the Pharm.D. program
  • First choice of Pharm.D. campus site selection and selective matching with a pharmacy faculty advisor based on personal interests and preferences

PAP eligibility

  • Be a senior in high school
  • Meet all UMKC freshman admission requirements
  • Have at least a 3.5 GPA unweighted at the end of junior year OR have at least a 25 ACT composite score (1200 SAT score) in addition to at least a 3.0 GPA unweighted at the end of junior year
  • Plan to attend UMKC for two years of Pre-Pharmacy coursework
  • Missouri residents and nonresidents may apply

Deadline for applications

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis beginning in the fall, with admission decisions being made as early as October. Students admitted to the Pre-Pharmacy program by the priority date are eligible to apply for a Pre-Pharmacy scholarship.

Applicants must be admitted one week before their Freshman Orientation date in order to enroll in proper course sequencing. Pre-Pharmacy applications will be accepted until the class is full or up to the last Freshmen Orientation date, whichever comes first.

How to apply

Please submit the following materials to the Office of Admissions:

  • Learn how to apply
    • Please indicate that you are interested in the PAP while applying for freshman admission.
    • Reference form needed – provide contact information on PAP application.
  • An official high school transcript through the end of your junior year
  • Official college transcripts for any dual credit
  • Official scores for any Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) coursework

Final acceptance into the PAP is contingent upon graduation from an accredited high school and full-time enrollment as a UMKC Pre-Pharmacy student beginning the Fall Semester after high school graduation.

PAP scholarships

PAP students will remain eligible for undergraduate scholarships and the UMKC Metro Rate while they complete their Pre-Pharmacy work.

Apply for scholarships (PDF)

Please direct questions about the PAP to the School of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs by phone at (816) 235-1613 or email.

From PAP to Pharm.D.

During their sophomore year of college, PAP students apply to the Pharm.D. program.

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Pharm.D. admission standards

  • Cumulative college GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Math/science GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Follow the recommendation of the pharmacy school advisor regarding completion of the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)
  • Successfully complete Pharmacy 7100: Introductory Topics in Pharmacy course during freshman year
  • Complete the required Pre-Pharmacy courses (PDF) with a grade of C- or higher
  • Pass an admissions interview
  • Pass the criminal background check
  • Pay the seat deposit
  • Complete the criteria and requirements within two years of entering the pharmacy assurance program

Those who do not meet the Pre-Pharmacy program requirements may apply for admission under the regular Pharm.D. admission requirements.

Prepare to Study Pharmacy

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