Pharm.D. Program

What to Know Before You Start

Pre-Pharmacy coursework

Pre-Pharmacy courses take a minimum of two years to complete, though the average UMKC applicant has usually attained three years of college coursework prior to entering pharmacy school.

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Undergrad degree requirements

Applicants do not need to earn a bachelor’s degree in order to apply to, or be accepted to, the Pharm.D. program.

Program Requirements

The School of Pharmacy Admissions Committee evaluates the whole student in seeking the best candidates, but you must meet our minimum academic requirements. Once it has been determined that you have met the requirements, your application is reviewed to consider each applicant's overall preparedness for the pharmacy profession, your ability to meet the rigors of the program and your skill sets, including decision-making, caregiving and communication abilities, for working with health professionals and patients.

Minimum academic requirements

  • Cumulative College GPA > 2.00
  • The UMKC School of Pharmacy considers all grade points and credit hours when determining cumulative GPA, including repeated grades.

Prepare for the Pharm.D. Program

Ensure that you get off to a fast start in the Pharm.D. program. Review our recommendations regarding which subjects to study, which classes to take and which experiences to pursue as a Pre-Pharmacy student. 

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Ready to Apply?

A new Pharm.D. program begins each Fall Semester. Learn about the traditional application process, which is broken down step-by-step, or explore the Future Admission Scholars Track (F.A.S.T.), which is designed for current sophomores and juniors who want a smooth transition from their bachelor's degree to the Pharm.D. program.

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