Pharmacy is a diverse profession. We work in hospitals, outpatient clinics and doctors’ offices, universities, government agencies, insurance companies and the private sector.

Prepare for Your Career

A pharmacy student sits in class and listens to a lecture thoughtfully while the professor talks about internships.

Internship licensure

Students enrolled in our Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum are required to obtain and maintain a valid Missouri Intern Pharmacist License, which is issued by the Missouri Board of Pharmacy, for as long as they are enrolled in the program.

Two pharmacy residences work on a patient problem together at a desk.

Residency programs

Our community-based pharmacy residency program allows students to gain experience in a variety of pharmacy settings while making industry connections and developing the skills needed to become successful professionals. 

A pharmacy students takes notes at a desk while planning for their future career.

Career planning

Whether you know exactly what area of practice you want to pursue after graduation or you're still weighing your options, a thoughtful and detailed career plan can help. Review our recommendations for creating an effective plan that takes you where you want to go.

Top Six Reasons to Become a Pharmacist

There are many benefits to becoming a pharmacist. Here are some of the top reasons pharmacy is an excellent career choice.


You'll never be bored

Pharmacy is an exciting blend of science, direct patient care, management and technology. It's an excellent choice for curious and caring people.


Improve patients' health

Pharmacists play an integral role in improving patients’ health through the medicine and information they provide.


Earn a good living

Pharmacy remains one of the most financially stable and rewarding careers in health care. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacists earn a median annual salary of $132,750.


Outstanding opportunities

Pharmacists are needed in a wide variety of health-care settings, the private sector and government. Careers in pharmacy are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of patients and organizations.


Trusted by the community

Pharmacists are consistently ranked as one of the most highly trusted professionals because of the quality of care and service they provide.


Always in demand

Several professional and business publications rate the risk of pharmacy jobs being lost to automation as low, and caring for an aging population, changes in access to care and health-care delivery systems increase the need for pharmacists.

Class of 2023 Graduate Employment




Chain community pharmacy


Hospital and health system


Independent community pharmacy





Is Pharmacy Right for You?

Deciding on a professional degree is a big commitment, and yet, 86% of graduates say they would choose pharmacy if starting their careers again. To learn why, read stories from our alumni and see what kind of companies they work for and which job titles they hold. You can also visit for more great information on pharmacy careers.

Explore career outcomes

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