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PAP Testimonials


"I have learned so much through my classes, but even more about myself! The atmosphere in the Pharmacy Assurance Program has enabled me to feel welcomed into the tight-knit community, even being from Texas! Additionally, I know that pharmacy is the right profession for me through the workshops and various classes offered."

Katie, Pharm.D. Class of 2025









“Being in the Pharmacy Assurance Program (PAP) has definitely helped me so much. I’ve gotten to learn and experience things that wouldn’t have been possible without the program. It gave me a deeper understanding of what the profession of pharmacy truly is. We as students were able to ask questions of any sort and work with older PAP students who helped us through courses or gave advice. The program allowed me to see that pharmacy was the right path for me because I saw the work and message behind it through this program. It enabled me to want to know more, and I became excited and looking forward to what my future holds in this profession.”

Calvin, Pharm.D. Class of 2025