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We think you’ll feel right at home at the UMKC School of Pharmacy. Whether you are looking to start your pre-pharmacy courses or are ready to apply to the program, we invite you to learn why we’ve been the choice for talented professionals for more than 130 years.

Financing Your Pharmacy Education

Your education is an important investment in your future. We understand that figuring out how to finance your degree can be confusing and perhaps overwhelming. We will connect you with resources so you can create a plan to pay for your education. The average UMKC pharmacy student completes three years of undergraduate education before they enter our program. However, students can complete their prerequisites in two years.

For a quick breakdown of associated costs, scholarships, grants and loans for the Pre-pharmacy, Pharm.D. and the iPhD program please visit:

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Rates

UMKC School of Pharmacy tuition and fee rates

Graduate Tuition and Fee Rates


Undergraduate Pre-pharmacy Course Requirements

Students pay undergraduate tuition when completing their pre-pharmacy course requirements. The cost of obtaining your prerequisites depends upon what institution you attend, how many years you take to complete them and whether you have received undergraduate scholarships and grants.  Students interested in learning about the cost of a UMKC pre-pharmacy education can start by reviewing the following information:

If you have additional questions please contact the UMKC Financial Aid Office


The Professional Pharm.D. Degree

Pharm.D. students use a combination of loans, scholarships and income from working as a pharmacy intern to finance their degree. The level of financial aid available during the first year of the Pharm.D. program varies depending on whether you have completed bachelors degree or not prior to admission.



Financial Aid advisors at the School of Pharmacy will help you understand the full cost of the program and the funding options available to support you.
2464 Charlotte Street
Room 1418 Health Sciences Building


School of Pharmacy Specific Scholarships:

Pharm.D. students are eligible for a range of School of Pharmacy funded scholarships once they are admitted.  Please visit the following sites for more information:


Featured Awards:

Undergraduate students may be able to retain their Bright Flight or other scholarships while in Pharmacy School. Speak with the Financial aid advisors to determine whether any of your undergraduate awards will continue into the Pharm.D. program.


Non-Missouri Residents are eligible two awards that will significantly reduce their Pharm.D. tuition

School of Pharmacy Dean’s Nonresident Award This award automatically provides a 90% reduction in the differential between instate and out of state pharmacy school tuition to any newly enrolled non-Missouri resident student who is U.S. Citizens or Permanent Resident.


Chancellor’s Historically Underrepresented Minority Nonresident Award – This award allows newly enrolled non-Missouri, U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident students who identify themselves on the UMKC admission application as African American, Hispanic or Native American to pay in-state tuition.