We think you’ll feel right at home at the UMKC School of Pharmacy. Whether you are looking to start your pre-pharmacy courses or are ready to apply to the program, we invite you to learn why we’ve been the choice for talented professionals for more than 130 years.

Program Policies and Procedures

Student Success and Student Progression Policies

Policies and Procedures Governing Academic Standing for Doctor of Pharmacy Students (Progression Policy) (PDF)
Student Success Program (PDF)
APPE Readiness (PDF)

Professionalism Policies

Professional and Ethical Behavior Standards (PDF)
Student Behavior Reporting Form (Word)
Honor Council Procedure (PDF)
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy (PDF)
Pharmacy and Nursing Behavior and Attire Policy

Noncredit and Programmatic Requirement Information

Criminal Background Checks (PDF)
Noncredit Requirements 2019-2020 (PDF)
Minimal Technical Standards for Pharm.D. Admission, Matriculation and Graduation (PDF)
Pharmacy Student Laptop/Tablet Requirements
Student UMKC Email Account Requirement (PDF)
Pharm.D. Student Immunization Policy 2019-2020 (PDF)
Pharm.D. Student Health Insurance Requirement (PDF)
Urine Drug Screens for IPPE and APPE Students (PDF)
Register in CITI (PDF)

Program Policies and Procedures

ACPE Complaint Policy (PDF)
Building Access and After Hours Access Application Form
Consent Form for Recordings and Photography (PDF)
Inclement Weather and Campus Closure Policy (PDF)
Petition Form (Word)
Site Transfer Policy
Reference Release (PDF)
FERPA Parent Form
School of Pharmacy Class and Seminar Room Request Form (Word)
Student Procedures to Access Their Educational Record (PDF)
UMKC and MSU Locker Policy (PDF)
Process for Students to Request an Excused Absence Official Capacity (PDF)