Advising and Resources

We want you to maximize these resources so you can be successful in your academic program and land your dream job.

Get help with:
  • Navigating the logistics of completing your pharmacy education
  • Achieving academic and professional success
  • Managing school-work-life balance
  • Career planning

The Office of Student Affairs Offers

  • Verifications
    • Current enrollment certifications
    • Degree completion audits
    • Degree awarding and graduation verifications
  • Board of Pharmacy internship licensure applications
  • Liaison to campus student services and resources
    • Admissions, financial aid and campus visits and recruitment
    • Pathway, records and enrollment assistance
    • Pathway pharmacy course plan and build
    • Pre-Pharmacy advising and support
    • Directional help with student account holds
  • Class officers and student organizations support
    • Election process and support
    • Procard access and checkout (KC campus)
    • School of Pharmacy logo tablecloth checkout
    • Pharmacy Student Council advising
    • Academic, professional organizational meetings, and social calendars postings
  • School of Pharmacy special events and services
    • Admissions interviews, summer pharmacy camps, orientations, white coat ceremony, career fair, graduation banquets and commencement ceremony
    • STEPS (Student Teams Enhancing Pharmacy Success) tutoring program
    • Pro-Active Student Success (PASS) Program [PDF]
    • Pharmacy student ambassador selection and programming
    • Pharmacy Assurance Program

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Faculty Advisors Provide Support For

  • Our student success program creating strategies for your academic and professional success
  • Developing re-entry contracts in the case of academic dismissal
  • Co-curricular requirement discussions
  • Letters of reference for scholarships, jobs and residencies
  • Curriculum vitae, resume, letter of intent and cover letter review
  • Signing petitions for academic progression or curriculum committees
  • Career planning
  • Strategically planning student organization involvement
  • Choosing electives
  • Grade appeal

Contact your advisor

You can find the contact information for your faculty advisor in the Outlook calendar and the faculty directory.

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Site-Specific Student Support Services and Resources