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The UMKC School of Pharmacy faculty and staff offer a wide range of support as you progress through your pharmacy education and launch your career.

Pharm.D. program advising resources

We want you to maximize these resources so you can be successful in your academic program and land your dream job.

Get help with
  • Navigating the logistics of completing your pharmacy education
  • Achieving academic and professional success
  • Managing school-work-life balance
  • Career planning

The Office of Student Affairs offers

  • Degree checks
  • Internship applications for Kansas and Missouri Boards of Pharmacy
  • Pathway and enrollment
  • Help with holds on accounts
  • Class officers and student organizations support
    • Procard access (KC site)
    • Tablecloth checkout
  • Academic and social calendars postings
  • School of Pharmacy special events
    • Orientation, White Coat, Career Fair and Graduation

Contact the Office of Student Affairs

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Your faculty advisor provides support for

  • Our Student Success Program – creating strategies for your academic and professional success
  • Developing re-entry contracts in the case of academic dismissal
  • Co-Curricular requirement discussions
  • Letters of reference for scholarships, jobs, residencies
  • Curriculum Vitae, Resume, Letter of Intent and Cover Letter review
  • Signing petitions for the Academic Progression or Curriculum Committees
  • Career planning
  • Strategically planning student organization involvement
  • Choosing electives
  • Grade appeal

How to contact your advisor

You can find the contact information for your faculty advisor in the Outlook calendar and the faculty directory.

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Site-specific student support services and resources