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We specialize in delivering relevant, focused responses to meet the specific drug information needs of our community and clients. Through critical analysis and streamlined communication, we have gained national recognition as a resource for highly credible solutions using evidence-based medicine.

Drug Information Center Services

Our multi-faceted center provides client groups — consumers, health-care professionals and institutions — with drug information and evidence-based recommendations to optimize pharmaceutical care. We ensure our clinical decision support services are unbiased, clear and based in reputable evidence.

Additional Services

  • Provide contractual services such as formulary management, clinical consultations, drug safety monitoring, comprehensive literature searches and clinical protocol development
  • Coordinate the Evidence Based Medicine (PHARM 7326) course to foster critical thinking and clinical analysis skills in third-year pharmacy students
  • Contribute to a variety of educational and research activities within the School of Pharmacy and community
  • Precept pharmacy students on their advanced experiential drug information rotation

Drug Information Call Center

Our call center provides drug information to consumers and health-care providers across the United States. We synthesize complex data to provide succinct recommendations to our requestors.

Our call center’s hours of service are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are open throughout the calendar year excluding major holidays.


  • Natural products and off-label drug usage
  • Novel or investigational drug safety and efficacy outcomes
  • Medication use in special populations and medical conditions
  • Investigational drug indications/usages
  • Off-label uses in special populations
  • Drug and vaccine stability and excipient analysis
  • Unconventional drug dosage regimens and formulation conversion
  • Adverse drug reaction investigation and mitigation
  • Other medication-related requests

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