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Dean's Advisory Council

The Dean’s Advisory Council comprises alumni and friends employed in several different areas of pharmacy. They support and guide the School of Pharmacy by providing local, regional and national perspectives on pharmacy and health care issues as they relate to pharmacy education, research and service, and by serving as the school’s link back to the community. The group typically meets twice a year for a half-day session.

Dean’s Advisory Council members

  • Mr. Blaine Alberty
  • CDR David Bates
  • Mr. Benjamin Bluml
  • Dr. Sandra Bollinger
  • Dr. Jonathon Burch
  • Dr. Isaac Butler
  • Mr. Bob Egeland
  • Mr. Steve Erickson
  • Dr. Kermit Fendler
  • Mr. Ron Fitzwater
  • Mr. Robert Glenski
  • Dr. Stephen Glenski
  • Ms. Mary Beth Guy
  • Dr. Lory Harte
  • Mr. Steven Hartwig
  • Dr. Richard Johnson
  • Dr. Debbie Kavanaugh
  • Ms. Sandra Kinsey
  • Dr. Stanley McDermott
  • Ms. Denise McNerney
  • Ms. Kay Morgan
  • Mr. Lynn Morris
  • Mr. Craig Norman
  • Dr. George Oestreich
  • Dr. Janelle Sabo
  • Dr. Spencer Schaefer
  • Dr. Bradley Seiler
  • Mr. Dale Smith
  • Dr. Nickolas Smock
  • Dr. Mark Sullinger
  • Mr. Frank Whitchurch