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Friends Came Together

Alumni Tim MitchelTim Mitchell reflects on family, pharmacy school, service…

If Neosho, Mo., were to pick a favorite son, Tim Mitchell would certainly be in the running. His community is served by not one but four of Mitchell’s pharmacy facilities:  Family Pharmacy of Neosho; Country Care Pharmacy; Advantage Health Care; and Mitchell’s Downtown Drug Store.


PharmD Student Kim Nezianya Combines Studies and Sports

Student Kim NezianyaAt UMKC, the students are our story. Look, listen and learn about us through interviews, photographs and videos of our students. Read the other student stories and go to and follow.

Kim Nezianya

1st Year PharmD | 2018

How do you pronounce your last name?

Na-Zan-Ya – like lasagna with an N.

Where is UMKC taking you?

Lots of places. To the basketball court. I was an athlete here, moving to Kansas City from Dallas. Both of my parents are from Nigeria. And now, I am a student in the School of Pharmacy. I have been at UMKC for six years. I double majored in Communications Studies and Chemistry.