Orisa J. Igwe



My undergraduate training was in pharmacy with a B.S. degree, graduating with the Latin honor of summa cum laude from the College of University of Louisiana at Monroe. I am a registered pharmacist in Louisiana, Ohio and Minnesota, although my licensure is not currently maintained in any of these states. I obtained a M.S. degree in toxicology from the University of Kentucky, Lexington, and earned a Ph.D. in environmental health with a specialty in inhalation toxicology and industrial hygiene from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1985. I had a year of postdoctoral training in molecular biology at the Eppley Cancer Research Institute, Omaha and a further training in molecular and behavioral neuroscience under Professor Alice A. Larson at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul (1986 -1990). I have been at the UMKC School of Pharmacy since 1991. I have been a member of the graduate and regular doctoral faculty since 1995, and have served as thesis and dissertation director for M.S and Interdisciplinary Ph.D. (IPh.D.) students in the division. Furthermore, I have served in the thesis and dissertation committees of several M.S and IPh.D. students.

I serve as a reviewer for many scientific journals, and ad hoc on NIH Special Emphasis Panel/Scientific Review Group 2009/10 ZRG1 IFCN-A (58) R.


  • Chronic inflammatory or neuropathic pain states and phospholipids/Ca2+ pathways in neuronal transmission deficits associated with aging