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We think you’ll feel right at home at the UMKC School of Pharmacy. Whether you are looking to start your pre-pharmacy courses or are ready to apply to the program, we invite you to learn why we’ve been the choice for talented professionals for more than 130 years.


How can I be sure pharmacy is for me?

Applicants should explore the profession before they apply to be sure that it’s right for them. You can begin to explore pharmacy by working or volunteering in a health care facility such as a pharmacy, hospital, clinic or nursing home. Applicants should meet with pharmacists in as many practice settings as possible to learn all the options that the profession holds.

Applicants can also learn about pharmacy by reviewing professional organizations websites.
Is Pharmacy for Me?
American Society of Health System Pharmacist
American Pharmacists Association
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
American College of Clinical Pharmacy

Applicants should join the Pre-Pharmacy club at the college or university where they are completing their prepharmacy coursework. UMKC students can join the Pre-Pharmacy Society click here.

Applicants should review the Pharmacy Minimal Technical Standards for Admission, Matriculation and Graduation so they know what is expected of students upon graduation from the UMKC School of Pharmacy. Our students are not only good at math and science, but they care about people. They learn how to evaluate a patient’s disease, educate them about medications in a way they can understand and help them achieve a positive outcome from their treatment. Our students learn how to give injections, check vital signs, give first aid, check blood sugars and use technology to improve patient care. Our students work on health care teams and collaborate with other health professionals to provide the best care for patients and finally they document their work in medical and pharmacy records.


When should I apply for admission to the Pharm.D. program?

Students are strongly encouraged to apply early and not wait until the application deadline. The regular application deadline is March 1, 2016, however completed applications are reviewed starting in August. The top applicants are invited for an on-site interview. Qualified applicants are admitted on a rolling admissions basis until the class is full.


How many students do you accept?

UMKC accepts 155 students into the UMKC School of Pharmacy. Ninety-five students are accepted at the Kansas City site, 30 at the Columbia site and 30 at the Springfield site.


What will help my application be competitive?

We receive more applications than there are available spaces in the class. A competitive Grade Point Average (GPA) for admission is 3.5 or higher for both cumulative and science/math coursework. Cumulative and science/math GPA’s include coursework taken to satisfy pre-requisite courses as well as other college coursework.

Although a C grade meets the minimum grade requirement, applicants should strive to earn grades of B or better in all courses, especially those that are science related. Applicants that have had to repeat multiple courses should be prepared to provide an explanation concerning the reasons for having to retake courses.

The Pharmacy College Admission Test [PCAT] can be taken more than once and an applicant’s best performance will be considered.

Applicants should be able to show proven balance of successfully completing full-time course loads while being involved in community service and leadership positions. Recent leadership, service and health care work experiences and contact hours will be considered important.

Proficiency in both verbal and writing communication skills are critically important for prospective applicants. Applicants are encouraged to immerse themselves in situations where they are able to talk with and assist individuals from different backgrounds than their own through good listening and problem solving.

Please remember that throughout the application process, applicants’ interactions with all members of the School’s faculty and staff through e-mail, phone and in person contacts will be closely monitored. Any behavior that is considered rude or uncivil will be noted and could negatively affect an applicant’s consideration for admission.

Because pharmacy is a health profession undergoing rapid change, the admissions process is subject to continual review and modification. Applicants should refer back to the UMKC School of Pharmacy Admissions and Programs website for updates related to the Pharm.D. application and admissions process on a continual basis.


Are scholarships available for entering students?

There are no scholarships specifically for students as part of their admission offer. However, once enrolled, new students become eligible for numerous scholarships. For more information visit our Financial Aid & Scholarships page and click on “2015-2016 UMKC School of Pharmacy Scholarships Eligibility Requirements” to learn more.


Does the UMKC School of Pharmacy put emphasis on in-state students for admission?



Can I take my prerequisites at UMKC?

Yes. If you would like to attend UMKC as a pre-pharmacy student to complete the prerequisites, please click here to apply.


Do my chances for admission increase if I take the prerequisites at UMKC?

No, we take course work from any regionally accredited college as long as the courses are equivalent and successfully completed.


Does the UMKC SOP accept classes transferred from other colleges?

Yes, we accept course work from any regionally accredited colleges and universities, as long as the courses are equivalent and successfully completed. Check our equivalency sheets for more information about transferring coursework from your school.


Do I need to have all the prerequisites completed before I can apply?

No; however, prerequisites must be completed with a satisfactory grade (C or higher) before school starts in the fall term of entry.


Is CLEP credit and AP course work acceptable for prerequisite courses?

CLEP credits are acceptable for humanities and social behavioral courses only work. Learn more about CLEP and AP. UMKC’s AP college code is 6872.


Does the UMKC SOP require the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)?


Will I have to meet other requirements and incur expenses beyond fees, living expenses and books after I am admitted into pharmacy school?

Yes, students have additional expenses as they progress through the program. The school has several noncredit requirements, some of which are associated with an expense. Students can also incur costs from organizational dues, professional dress and meeting travel. See the Pharmacy Student Budget Planning Guide for specific details.