Welcome to the Pharmacy Foundation. We are an independent, 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting and furthering the education of our pharmacy students and the graduates of the UMKC School of Pharmacy. Established in 1951, the Foundation has grown tremendously over the past 69 years through the help of countless dedicated alumni, friends and supporters including former faculty members Mathew “Bill” Wilson and J. Leo McMahon.

Through the generosity of our donors and friends, the Foundation provides substantial support each year to pharmacy students, including more than $115,000 in academic scholarships in fall 2019. Additionally, the Foundation supports other student programs including student travel grants, selected special events and student professional development activities.

Contact the School of Pharmacy at 816-235-2409 with any questions or to make a gift to the Pharmacy Foundation. Thank you for your support.



Doug Adcock Memorial Award
Grace Hoelzel Albano Scholarship
Fred Angle Scholarship
Baptist‐Trinity Lutheran Legacy Foundation
Wright V. and Gladys A. Bartholomew
Mary and Francis “Bud” Bisceglia Memorial
Dennis R. Bond Scholarship
Barbara Booth and Alice Miller Memorial
Lewis J. Bratt Scholarship
Donald R. Brown Scholarship
Ann and Wayne Brown Scholarship
Burch and Sabo Scholarship
Shawn Burke Memorial Scholarship
Isaac and Lakesha Butler “You Can Do All Things”
Carthage Pharmacy Services Scholarship
Century Club Grant for Clinical & Hospital
Class of 1975 Scholarship
Class of 1982 Scholarship
Class of 2014 Scholarship
Class of 2015 Scholarship
Class of 2016 Scholarship
D&H Prescription Drug Store Scholarship
Adele and Glenn Eberhart Scholarship
Leslie Eisenbrandt Scholarship
Erickson Family Scholarship
Tim and Mary Euler Student Mentor Award
Fendler Family Scholarship
Kathy McClary Fife Memorial Scholarship
John and Sue Garnett Scholarship
Gettis‐Johnson Family Scholarship
Spencer S. Glenn Memorial Scholarship
Glenski Family Scholarship
Good Neighbor Pharmacy Community
Travis and Maqual Graham Scholarship
Greater Kansas City Society of Health‐System
Pharmacists Scholarship
Donald W. Grove, Sr. Scholarship
George Guastello/Albers Medical Pharmacy
Harvey H. Haynes Scholarship
Judith Hemberger Graduate Scholarship
Bruce J. “Bud” Huber Memorial Scholarship
Cynthia L. Infranca Kind and Caring Scholarship
Richard and Paula Johnson Pharmacy Graduate
Student Award
Kappa Epsilon Community Services Scholarship
Deborah and Paul Kavanaugh Scholarship
Michael Ketchmark Scholarship
Robert C. Lanman Graduate Pharmacology
Sharlea Leatherwood Scholarship
Rocky and Laurie Levell Scholarship
Lindman‐Gershman Scholarship
Monica E. Manasseh Scholarship
William D. Mason Graduate Scholarship
Mitzi McGee Memorial Scholarship
Wesley McIntire Scholarship
J. Leo McMahon Memorial Scholarship
Joe McNerney Pharmacy Leadership Scholarship
Stephanie and Russell Melchert Scholarship
Mid‐Missouri Society of Health System
Pharmacists Scholarship
Missouri Pharmacy Foundation Scholarship
Missouri Small Community Practice Scholarship
Mitchell’s Drug Store Scholarship
Tim Mitchell Medical Scholarship
Timothy G. Mitchell Scholarship
National Association of Chain Drug Stores
Edith and Russell Nesbitt Graduate Scholarship
Jim Newman Memorial Scholarship
Norman Family Community Pharmacy
Noel O. Nuessle Scholarship
Gladys and Wayne Ogilvie Scholarship
William Osborn Memorial Scholarship
PBA Health/TrueCare Pharmacy Scholarship
Pharm.D. Class of 1996 Scholarship
Robert W. Piepho Scholarship
Lesli Pitman Scholarship
Amina Powell/Jay Fulce Scholarship
Powers Family Scholarship
Thomas Prather Memorial Scholarship
Proctor/Boyd Family Scholarship
RAN Institute Award
Red Cross Pharmacy Scholarship
Thomas D. Ross Memorial Graduate Scholarship
William J. Rost Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Toni Sena Memorial Scholarship
Joseph G. Shalinsky Scholarship
Leo Shalinsky Scholarship
William and Carole Sitland Scholarship
Andrea and Dale Smith Scholarship
Smock Family Scholarship
Ellen and Roger Sommi Scholarship
Anthony J. Spalitto, Sr. Scholarship
Spalitto Pharmacy Scholarship
Bruce and Shirley Stocker Scholarship
David A. Strauch Scholarship
Sullinger Family Scholarship
Harry N. Tishk Scholarship
Fred Tonnies Scholarship
Kathleen Tonnies Scholarship
Phyllis Vaughn Scholarship
Visiting Nurse Association Scholarship
Marcus and Missy Wilson Family Scholarship
Mathew W. “Bill” Wilson Memorial Scholarship
Larry Windmoeller/MMSHP Scholarship
Robert L. Wolf Memorial Scholarship