Congratulations on being admitted to the UMKC School of Pharmacy Class of 2019!

This is a website to get you started on your journey. We encourage you to visit this website now and then throughout the Spring semester, as we will add to it.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
You must review the FAFSA quick guide for first year Pharm.D. students to ensure your FAFSA is filled out correctly. Apply by March 1.
Newly admitted students that meet the specified criteria are encouraged to apply for the Dean’s Scholars Award. Deadline is March 4.
Questions regarding Financial Aid should be directed to either Scott or Nick, and you will find their contact information on the website.
The Pharm.D. Scholarship application will go live towards the end of the school year.

Important Policies

Criminal Background Check Instructions – Will go live close to June.
Immunization Policy – Please use this guide to make sure your immunizations will be up-to-date when school starts in the fall. Please hold onto your shot records for now. In August, you will learn about E*Value, and how to upload your records at that time.
Required Health Insurance
Pharmacy Internship Policy
Please note, new students will fill out required internship paperwork August 24th – September 15th.

One of your Class of 2019 cohorts, Bailey Moore, has started a page for you to become acquainted with each other:

If at any time you have questions, please call us at 816-235-1613 or email us at You may direct your question to:
-School of Pharmacy Staff regarding general questions.
-School of Pharmacy Faculty regarding learning outcomes.
-School of Pharmacy Students regarding student life and organizations.
We will direct your question to the appropriate person.