For more than 130 years, the UMKC School of Pharmacy has continued its mission to educate, innovate, discover, engage, and serve to improve health. Our pharmacy professional degree program is nationally recognized for community engagement and service learning, and our graduate programs and research activities have led us to consistently rank in the top third of pharmacy schools from the National Institutes of Health. Further, our American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists chapter is recognized as one of the top seven in the country.

We offer rewarding learning and career experiences for students, faculty and staff in both urban and more rural settings with sites throughout Missouri in Kansas City, Columbia and Springfield. As our graduates continue to impact the health of Missourians, we continue to strive to serve others in an altruistic manner, enriching our community through our leadership and seeking excellence in all that we do.



To educate, innovate, discover, engage, and serve to improve health.


Shaping the future of healthcare, improving lives

Core Values

We are committed to the following core values when acting on behalf of the school.

Leadership: We lead with courage and vision while considering the needs of our people.

Professionalism: We act with integrity, honesty, reliability, ethics, moral courage, humility, respect, and accountability.

Service orientation: We serve others in an altruistic and cooperative manner.

Community: We care about others by being a learning organization that enriches and values our human wealth and promotes civility, diversity, and mutual respect.

Collaboration: We engage in creative partnerships locally and globally to advance health education, research, and practice.

Innovation: We seek and develop resources, infrastructure, and knowledge to promote discovery.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in all we do.