University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Springfield


When will the program start at Missouri State University (MSU)?

The start date for the program is contingent upon successful review and approval of the MSU site by the accrediting body for pharmacy education and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC: Higher Learning Commission 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500 Chicago, IL 60604 webmaster@hlcommission.org 800-621-7440).

Students could begin the Pharm.D. program as early as Fall of 2014 if the MSU site is approved by the accrediting bodies.

What can I do at MSU now to prepare for application to the UMKC Pharm.D. program?

The two years of prerequisite courses in the 2 + 4 program are all currently offered at MSU.

Students interested in applying for entry in the fall of 2014 must complete prerequisite college work (2-year component) prior to their entry into the PharmD program. If the MSU site is approved, the earliest students may begin submitting application materials as early as the summer of 2013 for 2014 enrollment. Application does not guarantee successful admission into the program. For specific information and updates regarding potential application dates contact the UMKC School of Pharmacy student services office at 816-235-1613 or email: pharmacy@umkc.edu.

What is the structure of the current UMKC Pharm.D. program?

This program is a 2 + 4 program. Two years of prerequisite courses are followed by 4 years in the professional program. Click here for more information.

Please be aware that many students accepted into the Pharm.D. will have taken more course work than the minimum prerequisites. Some will already have a bachelor’s degree.

Will the complete UMKC pharmacy program be offered at MSU?

The entire program will be available in Springfield; however, students will complete clinical experiences that may or may not be in the Springfield area.

Classes will be taught in various modes (e.g. ITV, online, traditional classroom) with most classes transmitted to MSU from either Kansas City or Columbia.

Will the Pharm.D. program in Springfield be an MSU degree?

No. The degree will be conferred by the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC).

Is there any question or concern about the start date or the program coming to MSU?

Yes. In the period leading up to 2014, UMKC and MSU will be working to gain all necessary accreditation approvals from the ACPE and the HLC.

How does the admissions process work?

The UMKC website outlines the admission process. Remember, this is a UMKC degree and admission is made into the UMKC Pharm.D. program. That program currently has two locations-- Kansas City and Columbia. When the program becomes available in Springfield, students who apply may indicate which location they prefer: KC, Columbia, or Springfield. They will also have the option of indicating no preference (i.e., any location will be acceptable).

Can a person take prerequisite courses at MSU, and if so how?

Yes, a student can do prerequisite coursework at MSU either by being admitted to MSU in a specified major or admitted as an undeclared student. This process will not be difficult!

A list of prerequisite MSU courses that meet the Pharm.D. prerequisites is available online. Click here for more information.

You may also want to visit the UMKC website for additional information on comparable courses at several other regional universities.

If I am just starting college, what major should I declare to be best prepared for the UMKC Pharm.D. program at MSU?

This question does not have an absolute answer, and a student could even remain in the undeclared major category. However, a number of the important prerequisite courses for pharmacy are in the sciences. Recommended majors would include Chemistry, Biology, and Cell and Molecular Biology, but these are certainly not the only majors that one might consider.

If I am an MSU student or already have a degree from MSU, will I be automatically accepted into the Pharm.D. program?

No. Admission into the UMKC Pharm.D. program is a highly selective process. Not everyone who applies will be admitted.

Completion of the prerequisite course work or completion of a degree does not guarantee admission.

Can I get answers to specific questions about the program from admission counselors at UMKC?

Yes. Please contact the UMKC School of Pharmacy Student Services Office at (816) 235-1613 or email pharmacy@umkc.edu with admissions questions. Please direct all other questions to Dr. Linda Garavalia, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at 816-235-1738 or email garavalial@umkc.edu.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have admissions questions, please contact the UMKC School of Pharmacy Student Services Office at (816) 235-1613 or email: pharmacy@umkc.edu. Please direct all other questions to Dr. Linda Garavalia, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at 816-235-1738 or email garavalial@umkc.edu