Kun Cheng


Kun Cheng

Associate Professor

Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ph.: 816-235-2425
Fax: 816-235-5779
E-mail: chengkun@umkc.edu


UMKC School of Pharmacy
2464 Charlotte St.
NHSB 5250
Kansas City, MO 64108

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Research Interests

Development of nucleic acid therapy for cancer, liver disease, and islet transplantation
Development of targeted delivery systems for therapeutic macromolecules
Synthesis of novel polymers for nucleic acid drug delivery
Identification of molecular ligand for specific cells
Designing of anti-tumor prodrug for improving target-ability and efficiency

Recent publications

1. Wanyi Tai, Zhijin Chen, Ashutosh Barve, Zhonghua Peng, Kun Cheng. (2013) A novel rapamycin-polymer conjugate based on a new poly(ethylene glycol) multiblock copolymer. Pharmaceutical Research (in press)

2. Bin Qin; Zhijin Chen; Wei Jin; Kun Cheng. (2013) Development of cholesteryl peptide micelles for siRNA delivery, Journal of Controlled Release, Aug 19 [Epub ahead of print]

3. Wanyi Tai, Zhijin Chen, Kun Cheng. (2013) Expression profile and functional activity of peptide transporters in prostate cancer cells. Molecular Pharmaceutics 10(2):477-87 (Featured by Global Medical Discovery on 07/17/2013)

4. Kun Cheng, Ram I. Mahato. (2011) Biological and therapeutic applications of small RNAs. Pharmaceutical Research 28(12):2961-5

5. Ravi S. Shukla, Bin Qin, Kun Cheng. (2011) PCBP2 siRNA reverses the alcohol-induced pro-fibrogenic effect in hepatic stellate cells. Pharmaceutical Research 28(12):3058-68

6. Bin Qin, Ravi S. Shukla, Kun Cheng. (2011) Identification of a LNCaP-specific binding peptide using phage display. Pharmaceutical Research 28(10):2422-34

7. Wanyi Tai, Ravi S. Shukla, Bin Qin, Benyi Li, Kun Cheng. (2011) Development of a peptide-drug conjugate for prostate cancer therapy. Molecular Pharmaceutics Jun 6;8(3):901-12 (Highlighted by SciBX: Science-Business eXchange, May 5 2011, Volume 4/Number 18; Featured by Global Medical Discovery on 09/19/2011)

8. Rubi Mahato, Wanyi Tai, Kun Cheng. (2011) Prodrugs for improving tumor targetability and efficiency. Advanced Drug Delivery Review 2011 Jul 18;63(8):659-70

9. Rubi Mahato, Bin Qin, Kun Cheng. (2011) Blocking IKK-α Expression Inhibits Prostate Cancer Invasiveness. Pharmaceutical Research 28(6):1357-69

10. Bin Qin, Kun Cheng. (2010) Silencing of the IKKÉ› gene by siRNA inhibits invasiveness and growth of breast cancer cells. Breast Cancer Research 12(5):R74.

11. Wanyi Tai, Rubi Mahato, Kun Cheng. (2010) The role of HER2 in cancer therapy and targeted drug delivery. Journal of Controlled Release 146(3):264-75

12. Wanyi Tai, Bin Qin, Kun Cheng. (2010) Inhibition of breast cancer cell growth and invasiveness by dual silencing of HER-2 and VEGF. Molecular Pharmaceutics 7(2): 543-556 (reported as "New breast cancer study findings reported from University of Missouri" by NewsRx on 05/31/2010)

13. Kun Cheng, Ram I. Mahato (2009) siRNA delivery and targeting. Molecular Pharmaceutics 6(3):649-650, Editorial

Recent book chapters:

1. Ravi S. Shukla, Kun Cheng (2013) "Site Specific Ocular Nucleic Acid Delivery" in Avi Domb (Ed.) "Advances in Delivery Science and Technology- Focal Drug Therapy" CRC Press (in press)

2. Bin Qin, Wei Jin, Kun Cheng (2013) "Bioconjugation for site-specific delivery of siRNA" in Kun Cheng and Ram I. Mahato (Eds) "Advanced Delivery and Therapeutic Applications of RNAi" Wiley-Blackwell, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

3. Ravi S. Shukla, Zhijin Chen, Kun Cheng (2013) "Strategies of targeted drug delivery" in Ashim K. Mitra, Chi H. Lee, and Kun Cheng (Eds) "Advanced Drug Delivery" Wiley-Blackwell, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

4. Shaoying Wang, Bin Qin, Kun Cheng (2013) "Delivery of nucleic acids" in Ashim K. Mitra, Chi H. Lee, and Kun Cheng (Eds) "Advanced Drug Delivery" Wiley-Blackwell, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

5. Wanyi Tai, Kun Cheng (2013) "Advanced drug delivery in cancer therapy" in Ashim K. Mitra, Chi H. Lee, and Kun Cheng (Eds) "Advanced Drug Delivery" Wiley-Blackwell, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

6. Bin Qin, Ravi S. Shukla, Kun Cheng (2012) "Delivery of nucleic acids for ocular gene modulation" in Mitra AK edits "Advances in Ocular Drug Delivery", Research Singpost/Transworld Research Network

7. Kun Cheng, Bin Qin. (2009) RNA Interference for Cancer Therapy in Lu Y, Mahato RI. edits "Pharmaceutical Perspectives of Cancer Therapeutics", AAPS-Springer publishing program

8. Kun Cheng, Ram I. Mahato. (2006) Biopharmaceutical Challenges in Pulmonary Delivery of Proteins and Peptides in Meibohm B. edits "Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacokinetics of Biotech Drugs", Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany

Recent Journal Theme Issue Editor:

1. Kun Cheng and Ram I. Mahato (Eds) Theme Issue entitled "Biology and therapeutic applications of miRNA and siRNA" (2011) Pharmaceutical Research 28(12):2961-3104

2. Kun Cheng and Ram I. Mahato (Eds) Special Issue entitled "siRNA Delivery" (2009) Molecular. Pharmaceutics. 6(3):649-1040

Recent grants:

1. R01AA021510, Targeted delivery of PCBP2 siRNA for treating alcoholic liver fibrosis NIAAA/NIH, 2012-2017 (Role: PI)
2. 1R21CA143683, Targeted delivery of IKKα siRNA to prostate cancer cells NCI/NIH, 2010-2012 (Role: PI)
3. 1R21AA017960, Treating Alcoholic Liver Fibrosis by Reversal of Type I Collagen NIAAA/NIH, 2009-2011 (Role: PI)
4. W81XWH-08-1-0603 (Concept Award), Department of Defense (DOD), Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP), 2008-2009 (Role: PI)


1. PHAR 7202 Pharmaceutics I (PharmD course, 4 credit hours)
Role: Instructor
2. PHAR 7203 Pharmaceutics II (PharmD course, 4 credit hours)
Role: Instructor
3. PHAR 5634 Protein and Nucleic Acid Drug Delivery (Graduate course, 3 credit hours)
Role: Coordinator
4. PHAR 5632 Novel Drug Delivery Systems (Graduate course, 3 credit hours)
Role: Instructor
5. PHAR 5690A Foundations of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Graduate course, 3 credit hours)
Role: Instructor

Editorial Board:

1. BioMed Research International
2. UK Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biosciences
3. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Engineering (IJPHE)
4. ISRN Pharmaceutics
5. ISRN Hepatology