Partha Sarathi Roy, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

UMKC School of Pharmacy
2464 Charlotte St.
HSB 5258
Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: 816-235-2426

Partha Sarathi Roy


Dr. Roy received his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Technology in 2014 from Jadavpur University, India. He was the recipient of 2 prestigious scholarships namely UGC-JRF (Govt. of India) and UGC-Major Research Project Fellow (Govt. of India) to pursue his Ph. D project. He joined as a Visiting Scholar in Dr. Ashim K. Mitra’s Lab, UMKC School of Pharmacy, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In 2017, he was appointed Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in Dr. Mitra’s Lab.

Research Interests:
Dr. Roy’s current research interest is focused on: Engineering Peptides-Modified Polymer based Fluorescent Micellar Nanocarriers loaded with siRNA for Pancreatic Cancer Target Imaging.